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AMR DestructorEdit

Name: AMR Destructor

Damage: 100,000,000,000

Range: Three nearby solar systems

Desc: The AMR Destructor  is far by the most dangerous and deadliest of all AMR weapons that have ever been created. This bomb is the Hell-bringer to all those who are foolish enough to face this madness-explosive. Given by it's name, The Destructor has the capability to desintigrate three nearby systems in just a push of a button. Terrans and Nivelians call this bomb the "Annhilator" because of it's extreme power. And I'm telling you, nobody and I mean NOBODY can ever survive the Hell Fire of this weapon. The interstellar goverment has closed down the AMR company for creating this weapon of mass-extinction. The blueprints of this madness weapon can still be obtained from the black market, But you will have to find long and hard for them!

WARNING: Your ship will also get destroyed in the explosion. like the description says, NOBODY can survive the Hell Fire of this bomb.

Here are the blueprints to create a single AMR Destructor

30,000t Radioactive goods

1000t AMR Extinctor

300,000t Explosives

500,000t Energy Cells

200,000t Biowaste

How to escape from the explosion:

After you launch the nuke, Activate your Khador Drive and jump at least 2 systems away from where you fired the nuke. There is a possibility that the blast wave of the bomb could reach the system that you are in due to the extreme power it releases after detonation. It is advised that you equip your ship with a gamma shield just in case IF the nuclear wave hits the system that you jumped into.