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In the beginningEdit

Our hero Keith.T.Maxwell has again done a great job saving the galaxy.And now he is living a great life with his girlfriend Carla Paolini. But, again, there are still threats to face...

A new driveEdit

"Keith! It has been a failure! Those pirates stole the blueprints of my Khador Drive and now I'm seeing those ***holes using it!" Khador cried out to Keith, who was at first uninterested thinking it was another long lecture from Khador."What! Now all the pirates could jump from planet to planet raiding the stations!"Keith cried."I tried reinventing a new drive, but I failed.".Then, a call came, Keith answered, and it was Netor, saying that he has heard of Khador Drive theft, and Khador's failure. And that he has a solution for both of the problems. He also invited Keith to his place-Inari Onu, so they could discuss about Netor's Plan.


Keith got to Inari Onu, to find Netor with some blueprints.....and.... A dead body...... "Netor,.. What Is this? Who's body...-” Keith was stopped by Netor and he offered him a seat and Netor began:

Netor: Keith, I know that you are confused..Err. Shocked, maybe... This is the body of that one who sacrificed her life for the safety of the Midorian Area

Keith: Isn‘t that Al-

Netor: And these blueprints are the blueprints for the Netor Drive, a drive which is a same equivalent for Khador', but with more features like.......