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Augmenta is a Terran system consisting of five planets orbiting a greenish-blue star. The system status is "Secure". It can be reached by Jumpgates from the Magnetar system, Buntta, Weymire and V'ikka systems.

The alcoholic beverage Augmenta Fizz is sold here.

Gome CEdit

Closest to the Augmenta star, Gome C is a rocky wasteland planet. In its orbit are the system's jumpgate and a Tech level 1 station, consisting of a small tower with a communication array connected by a bridge to a tower complex comprised of three thin towers.

Kalun AmirEdit

Second innermost is Kalun Amir, an Earth-like planet. The station in its orbit is Tech level 8 and consists of three towers, of which the middle is tallest and is connected to two other ones by bridges. The towers are globed on bottom. The apartment for Alice was supposed to be here.


The rocky crater-hit planet Nyrand holds the middle orbit. Its station is Tech level 6, comprising of a tall tower with eight docking platforms and a communication array on the bottom.


The Gas Giant of Alioth is the second outermost planet of the Augmenta star. It's Tech level 6 consisting of two towers connected by a bridge. It is were Keith is brought after being captured by the Terran Convey in the Mido system. It is also Brent Snocam base of operations as Cheif of Interstellar Security.

Damarque IEdit

The orange desert planet Damarque I furthest from the Augmenta star. The station in its orbit is Tech level 5 and consists of one elongated design tower comprised of four parts. Therea are antennae on top and bottom. Alice was imprisoned here before escaping.