The Carvelens are a race that used to be one with the Grey's but as the Carvelens grew stronger they broke away from the Grey's. They had a civil war that lasted for 5 millennia the Grey's finally surrendered and the Carvelens departed to the far edges of the galaxy. After the war a space traveler saw a huge battlecruiser coming toward him they took him in to the ship he claimed "I have never never seen such ships in my lifetime they are as big as large moons. There weapons are extraordinary the Grey's say that the Carvelens took all thier technology. They are a race to be feared. Once the war was over the desperate Grey's landed on earth and helped the Terrans fight the war against the Ceti's and that is were it all began a new age of space exploration. There is rumor that Carvelens have fought with the voids.

Ships and picturesEdit

Carvelen fighter

A Carvelen fighter


A Carvelen


Carvelen fleet


Carvelen cruiser attaking the Grey planet


Carvelen main ship


Carvelen battle cruiser