This is a new storyline i thought up it is about a huge blackhole in the Mido system.

While Keith is Relaxing on Kaamo station Carla calls in and says, "Keith I have stopped working because I want to spend time together". Keith: "Ah finally a time where you are not busy, I'll pick you where are you?" "At Thynome as usual". "Ok I'm coming"! Keith picks up Carla and brings her to Kaamo were they get married and have great a time. but meanwhile at Dekato station in Eanya. Miner: "Boss how much ore do I need to get"? Boss: You need 50 tons of Titanium get to work. Miner: Ok I'm on it. Then while the Midorian miner is mining an asteroid a large Blackhole appears!!! Back at Kaamo station Keith is having a great time with Carla when the communicator says "Incoming call" Keith: "Oh no I hope I don't have to take care of another mess"! Gunant Breh:"Keith Keith there is a disaster in the Eanya system. Keith: "Oh great what is it now".Gunant Breh: "There is a Huge Blackhole in the Eanya system that is capable in time to suck up and destroy the entire Silky way Galaxy and many other neighboring galaxies. Keith: "Ok what do I have to do"? Gunant Breh: "We need you to examine the blackhole and report its status. Keith: "Alright I'm on my way". Keith tells Carla about the situation and kisses her goodbye.

To be continued...