The contents of this page are canon to one of the following games: Galaxy on Fire 3D, Galaxy on Fire 2 or Galaxy on Fire Alliances

Dark Angel

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Dark Angel is the prototype of a heavy gunship that had been developed by the Davilon Corporation, a Terran weapons manufacturer which is no longer around these days. Even though the Dark Angel appeared to be quite promising during its extensive testing phase, a number of delays and unscheduled development costs ultimately led to the dismissal of the project.

Upgraded StatsEdit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 390 1,445,400 2,890,800
Handling 145 1,445,400 2,890,800
Equipment 15 2,890,800 5,781,600
Cargo 115 2,168,100 4,336,200

Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge

Notes Edit

The Dark Angel is the new ship brought by Fishlabs in GOF2. This ship was originally planned to appear in Supernova add-on as one of Most Wanted criminals' ships, but it was cut being considered bland and unimagined. Design-wise, the Dark Angel’s biggest characteristic is the unorthodox shape of its airfoils, which is a little reminiscent of the wings of an angel – hence the name of the ship. It’s also due to this advanced shaping that the Dark Angel is surprisingly swift and agile despite its heavy armor and massive plating. It can be found in Terran territory.


  • Dark Angel was created by Davilon Corporation. However, due to a number of unexpected delays and unscheduled development costs, it had to cancel the production; an instance that almost made the company go bankrupt.
  • The Dark Angel is the best Terran ship for fighting in the base game.
  • The Dark Angel differs from the default Terran paint-job, which is a gray ship with yellow markings on it.
  • The wings of a Dark Angel are similar to the wings of Ghost.
  • The Dark Angel is the best base game ship.