Last Time.....Edit

After destroying the Void Ship during the battle of Augmenta, Maxwell gets sucked into a strange universe crashing into a planet destroying a building.

Arrival at EarthEdit

Maxwell regaining conscious, hears voices and sees people with blue outfits examining him he then asks where he is and they say he's in a Hospital. Maxwell,still confused demands to know what happend to Augmenta with the people wondering what's his problem one of them answers that his in the Milky Way and Keith then asks if it's Terran inhabited and what planet it is the people still confused says there's no Terran Faction and they then say he is on Earth. Maxwell, realizing that he's been teleported to a different dimension retells his past to them and asks what happend to his ship. They then say it exploded and destroyed a building.

Return of the VoidsEdit

7 years later..... At a farm, a farmer was harvesting crops until he saw a purple fighter fly over him and same things happend in Tokyo, Washington and Manila. A person said that he was sucked into some kind of Mothership and was interrogated by some Purple Aliens who call themselves "Voids". Upon hearing this in his house, Maxwell then learns that the Voids are still alive and are looking for him. Not wanting his wife and son killed, he makes a teleport and finds out that 1 year has passed in his former Galaxy and 1 month has passed in the Milky Way. Maxwell opens the portal and tells his wife and son they're in great danger and meets Brent once again. He tells Brent 1 month has passed and tells him to take care of his family. Brent and Maxwell's family then bid farewell.

                           To be Continued........