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"Prepare 4 darkness."
―Official Tagline
Galaxy on Fire 4
HD Cover.
Developer(s) Fishlabs
Engine Abyss Engine
Released 12 October 2016
Genre(s) Actiion, Sci-Fi, Shooter
Mode(s) Campaign, Multiplayer
Platform(s) iOS 7.0 or higher

Android, latest versions

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Galaxy on Fire 4 or GoF4 is the newest installment in the Galaxy on Fire Series. Many new features including: more advanced trading, new ships, weapons, equipment have all been confirmed by Fishlabs. One stunning and long-awaited aspect is multiplayer. Multiplayer wll feature co-op campaign and battles.

Set in the year 3600 A.D., a new threat emerges that could destroy the entire galaxy; a black hole. Triggered by unknown means, the black hole grows bigger and stronger every day, swallowing many planets in the process. Now it's up to Keith T. Maxwell to stop the threat before it's too late...

Plot and Campaign

3600 A.D. a major threat is dicovered, scientists at Earth track a rapidly expanding blackhole in the center of the Constellon Galaxy. The blackhole swallows dozens of planets, leaving a trail of destruction. Scientists from all around the galaxies race against time to find a way to stop the black hole.


  1. Another Job
  2. The Event