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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Galaxy on Fire Fan Fiction wiki. This is the sister wiki to the Galaxy on Fire 2 Wiki, the best source of information about the Galaxy on Fire series! This wiki is all about posting ideas about the popular, genre-defining, sci-fi flight simulator shooter game. Post any ideas you have about ships weapons, stories, etc.

Please be considerate to others, as this wiki is meant to contain non-canon material. Feel free to add any of your ideas on this wiki. Be creative. That being said, vandalism is totally unacceptable. Period. When crticizing others, make it constructive; suggest changes or new ideas instead of using vulgar words.

Unsure about what to do? Visit the help page, or ask one of the current admins: Spectercollector (founder), NiveliKing, Tedanor, ArticX, ShadowMan177, Netor, and XenoDarth.

Remember, the purpose of this wiki is to have fun! Enjoy your stay!

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