Brief SummaryEdit

Maxwell has to go save Brent Snocom, who has been captured. The Vossk blame him for the death of their great commander, Errkt Uggut.

Story ideaEdit

Keith T. Maxwell has married Carla (or is about to). But before they can kick back and relax, Brent Snocom sends a urgent message.

"Keith! We need your help!"

"What? Hello?... Strange, lost the transmission..."

"What happened?" asked Carla.

"Brent just called in for help, but message was cut off!"

"Oh dear," said Khador, "We must help him."

"The message seems to have been sent from...What the heck? The Y'mirr system? Why the heck was he doing there? Oh well. I'd better go check."

Keith gets into his new fighter: the Hasta, a brand-new Nivelian ship and equiped with a new Blast gun called the Equinnox in each of its four primary weapon slots.

Meanwhile in the Vossk sector...Edit

"Hey! What are you doing?! I'm innocent! Uggut died a hero in Void Space!"

"Shut up, you fool! Your plans purposely killed off Uggut because he had..."

"What? What did he have? Hey! dont just leave me here in this stinking room!"

Maxwell arrives at Rrostam station, Y'mirr system.Edit

"Hello there!" Keith greeted warmly, "I'm here to find Brent Snocom. Is he here?"

"Snocom?" asked a Vossk captain.


"I'm sorry, but Mr. Snocom is going through interrogation. You may leave now."

"Hey! dont expect me to leave without giving me a good reason why he was kidnapped!"

"He knows too much! Kick him out!"

Keith was forced to leave the station. Outside of the station though, he finds 15 angry Vossk fighters.

"I have to get out of here!" exclaimed Keith.

"This is your last warning, Maxwell," warned a Vossk pilot. "GET OUT!"

To be continued...