Keith T Maxwell is the hero of the GOF storyline.


In GOF1, Maxwell received an honorable discharge from the Terran Space Fleet and Admiral Smith granted him his own ship, an Icarus Scout Class II. Maxwell was then greeted by Lt. Christine Hammond by the order of Admiral Smith to help him adjust to the life of a mercenary. As time went on, Maxwell and Hammond developed feelings for each other.

As a mercenary, Maxwell picked up jobs wherever he can. He did everything from ferrying passengers, hauling cargo to various other "suicide missions". Eventually his journey landed him right in the middle of a major conspiracy which involved a Vossk, a Terran commander who turned out to be Vlad Borsikov and the newly formed group of pirates.

Christine Hammond was killed by Vlad Borsikov but Maxwell avenged her death in the end.

Maxwell in GOF2Edit

In the year 3589 A.D., a hyperdrive malfunction in the Dareius Asteroid Belt transported Maxwell to a part of space that is unknown to him. Maxwell discovered that he was 35 years in the future in the year 3624 A.D. and plenty has changed. Maxwell finds out the galaxy is on the midst of the Void Threat. He meets Carla Paolini of Deep Science who becomes his love interest. After helping to defeat the Voids, he uncovers the Valkyrie conspiracy. He defeats Carla's evil sister and unlocks several new things in the process.


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