MT Hippopotamus
Otherwise known as "Quad"


Missile Turret

Tech Level




Loading Speed

8000 ms







The MT-B "Hippopotamus" is a turret that fires missiles instead of projectiles. Compared to its brother, the MT-A "Rhinoceros", this can fire more missiles at a faster rate, but it cannot track targets.


Missile turrets are great for bomber pilots, allowing rockets and missiles to be fired from more angles than just forward. However, only one kind of missile can be loaded into the turret's separate hold. The "Hippopotamus" model lets four missiles loose in succession, but the turret must be steered by hand and the weight of another dual missile bay hinders its rotation.


Upon mounting either of the missile turrets, a slot appears below for one kind of missile to be mounted. All other secondary weapons are not allowed to be mounted. An infinite amount of missiles can be mounted, just like the regular secondary weapon slots. The number of missiles left in the turret's separate holding bay is shown above the number of tons left in the regular secondary weapons slot during flight.

Activating the turret is exactly the same as every other turret, requiring the player to switch viewpoints to the turret, as it must be manually operated. When fired, all missiles are fired successively, with 250 ms between each missile. After the missiles have been fired, the turret takes 2000 ms to reload another missile, totaling to 8000 ms to load all four--all missiles must be loaded before they can be fired again. Should there not be any more missiles, it will load the remaining in less time.

Homing missiles will not automatically track targets unless they have been beforehand by an equipped scanner, unlike the MT-A.

Missile turrets offer a fantastic alternative to projectile-based turrets as they protect a pilot's blind spots significantly better. However, they require additional investment in missiles that, depending on which kind, will definitely burn a hole in his or her credit pile.