The Mido Confederation is one of the four faction in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is made up of both Nivelian and Terran. Its full name is the Mido Confederation of Planets.

Station DesignEdit

Mido Space Stations are generally tall and pillar like with a few projections near the middle or lower parts of the station. They follow the same color scheme as their ships. The lounges are darker and centered more around the bright bar to the left side. Their stations seem to be similar to Nivelian designs, except dilapidated, as if beaten by war scars and hit by weaponry. This is consistent with the fact that Midorians consist of separatist Terrans and Nivelians, and the fact that Nivelian fleets and patrol regularly mount assaults on Mido stations and ships.

Ship DesignEdit

All Mido ships follow an orange, brown, and grey color scheme. It is revealed that the Midorian ships were once mostly mining ships before the rebellion and were never ment to be combat ships. They usually have something resembling wings on both sides with overly large engines mounted on them, except for their cargo ships. Midorian ships are generally cheaper and inferior to Terran or Nivelian ships, although most of them have great handling.


The Mido Confederation was founded by Terran and Nivelian rebels and outlaws during the Nivelian Civil War. Since the Mido declared their independence, the Terran Federation has recognized them, but the Nivelian Republic still claim Mido as part of their territory and, as a result, there are still many skirmishes along the Mido-Nivelian border. Eventually the Eanya system, formerly part of the Nivelian Republic, joined the Midorian Confederation.


The Mido Confederation's main nemesis is the Nivelian Republic.

While the Nivelian Republic is at war with the Mido Confederation, many Nivelians demand a cease-fire and have been protesting and signing petitions.


When a Supernova threatens the Mido system, Keith T. Maxwell has to rescue them along with the Terrans, Vossk and Nivelians (probably Valkyrie if the Valkyrie Station gets out of Void Space). However, it turned out to be Nivelians, mostly their leader Trunt Harval, who created the supernova.


The Mido Confederation controls the following systems:

  • Eanya
  • Mido
  • Ginoya
  • Talidor