Most wantedEdit


York Copley:

York Copley is an infamous assassin who ruthlessly murdered the Terran President. He is wanted dead or alive. He has been seen with a strange green ship. He is said to have a cloak.


Nucor Shan:

Nucor Shan is wanted for attempting to destroy Nevan space station with a deinstalled Dark matter laser. He did much damage to the hangar and all the ships but the damages were repaired. he is very inconspicuous so beware.


Thomas Avlar:

A Terran freedom fighter much loved by Terrans and hated by Vossk. He randomly attacks Vossk stations with his self made Nukes which he calls "Punishers". He launches the nuke on to planets, Ksarr freighters, battleships and stations. The bounty on his head is enough to make one rich!!!


Merant Surr

The infamous brother of Bargant Surr ,he is wanted for collaborating with Trunt Harval and his cronies. He designed and made the stealth fighter ships such as the Ghost, Specter and Scimitar. Harval liked him for his uniqueness so he gave him a large salary. When the Supernova was stopped and Trunt Harval dead he took his special ship with him and fled. He has never been seen since.


These new most wanted will be much harder to kill than the old most wanted they will be extremely hard to kill even on easy mode and if you are on extreme mode good luck.