Hey Guys and maybe there are some girls like me. This page is for Posting new ideas for weapons and ships in the coming GOF games (not including Galaxy on fire alliances).

My ideas are as follows:

Primary weaponsEdit

  • Blast guns

Guns that can fire off a blast charge like a shock blast but only in front like the Malevolence in the Clone Wars movies

Dealing huge amounts of emp damage and normal damage.



  • 3 New guided missles
  1. Triceritops
  2. Destroyer
  3. Hornet

Triceritops can split into 3 auto heat seeking missles after being manually detonated or hitting a target

Destroyer blows up all enemies within a 10km raduis

Hornet will deal damage to stations.

I was thinking like a missle that is like a Liberator but is also like a Patala (Meaning they are guided cluster missles).


  • Blast turrets
  • Could be the Hera (below in the turret section)
  • One shot laser

As awesome as the M6A4 Raccons are, you need 4 of them to kill one enemy. i was thinking of like a weapon u can equip on a betty (meaning it would only take one) and kill enemies like the normal pirates. And I'll introduce a new idea...


Blueprints for ships! Yes you heard right.

We can build ships. of course u might need a Kaamo station :P

Heres some ideas.

Specter SpecialXT

Armor: 2000







Faction: Nivelian Secret service


Description: A Nivelian Prototype that never made it into Production. Has a preinstalled Shadow ninja and a preinstalled Khador drive. The Plans were stolen by midorian spies.

Story: You go on this misson, and this guy steals the plans. you kill the thief and The blueprint is given to Maxwell for free.

Materials needed to make Specter SpecialXT:

1 Specter , 5 Nairi overcharge , 100 Titaniam , 100 Novanium , 1 Particle Sheild , 2 T'yol , 200 Energy Cells ,          1 Hernstein.

Heres another one:

Velasco Prime

Armor: 500

Cargo: 1500

Primary: 4

Secondary: 3

Turret: 2

Slots: 13

Handling: 100

Faction: Pirates

Price: 3,555,555

Description: A special edition Velasco ship. Only one Blueprint in existence

The 2 turret slots only supports auto turrets

Story: U buy the prints from this guy in this new loma like system. Materials Needed:

1 Velasco , 1 Furious , 2 Nairi overcharge , 50 Titanium cores , 4 Rhoda blackholes



Cargo hold:70

Weapons: 8

Secondary weapons:4

Equipment: 19



Faction Unknown

Cost 35,000,000 Description: Nothing is known about this ship


Those are the only new ships i can think about for now. How about we talk new turrets?

  • Deep-Science Turret DS1
  • Deep-Science Turret DS2

Deep Science turrets are automatic and do at least 20 damage and firing rate is at most 0.5km/h

  • Butt K'kirr
  • V'ossk R'ules

V'ossk turrets are also automatic they are like scaterguns but auto turrets.

  • Minerva
  • Hera
Nivelian Turrets are best Turrets (so are most of everything else) THe Nive Turrets are also Automatic the Minerva can shoot bombs though and the Hera can Shoot 2 different enemies at once!
BAE Laser Machine Gun

Heres all i got for now. Pictures are welcome too. : )

UNSC Sparrowhawk
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