Hi everyone! ArticX here with some cool new ideas for new cloaking devices.

Normal cloaking devicesEdit

Normal cloaks are ones like sight supressor2 and U'tool. But those are gof2 cloakers. In the new addon or game there might be the following:

Name Price Energy consump. Faction Lasts

Sight Supressor 3

2 Terran 15 sec
Rail Charger 5 Nivelian 30 sec
C'ommbien 2 Vossk 10 sec
Hurio 1 Midorian 5 sec

Special cloaksEdit

These special cloaks are for special conditions where other cloaks don't work properly. Like gamma cloaks where it also shields gamma rays where you arent affected by them.

Normal CloaksEdit

add anything new

Special cloaksEdit

Name Price Energy comsump. Faction Lasts
Gamma cloak 80,000 5 Terran 10 sec
Sauna 40,000 5 Midorian 8 sec
Cooler 150,000 5 Midorian 15 sec
Spectre 250,000 10 Nivelian 30 sec

Note: vossk don't have spec cloak because they don't need it.

There will be more stay tuned!