The contents of this page are canon to one of the following games: Galaxy on Fire 3D, Galaxy on Fire 2 or Galaxy on Fire Alliances

The Nivelian Republic is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Nivelian.

Station DesignEdit

The Nivelians have tall, blue stations, often with multiple pylons connected by beams. Solar panels or radiators are also common. Their hangars have square pads, and the space lounges use mildly round windows and cube chairs.

Ship DesignEdit

Their ships are sleek, blue, and very elegant. They also seem to all have a central, recessed cockpit with two or more "wings" or "fins" in which engines, weapons, or even nothing at all may be present on said "wings".


The Mido system declared independence during the Nivelian Civil War. Although the Terran Federation has accepted Mido Confederation's independence, the Nivelian Republic still claim Mido as part of their territory. There is still much skirmishes along the Mido-Nivelian border. Eventually the Eanya system, formally part of the Nivelian Republic, joined the Mido Confederation. After the war Nivelian Republic became a strict military nation. The Nivelian Republic used to be one of the wealthiest civilizations in the galaxy prior to the Civil War.


The Nivelian Republic's main nemesis is the Mido Confederation. The Nivelian Republic was once an ally of the [[Terran Terran Federation.

While the Nivelian Republic is at war with the Mido Confederation, much of the Nivelian population demand a cease-fire with many protesting and signing petitions.

Recently, the nivelian leader Trunt Harval attempted to eliminate the whole Mido sector by creating an artificial supernova in the Ginoya star system. As a result, the system was almost obliterated. However, Trunt's plans were stopped by Deep Science, and he was killed by Keith T. Maxwell.


The Nivelian Republic controls the following systems:

  • Behén
  • Nesla
  • Suteo
  • Weymire
  • Paréah