The Executioners of Baltone originated from the Baltone Quadrant during the GoF1 era. It is a group of pirates more organized than the pirates at Loma, and is led by the Top Executioners of Baltone.

The Executioners were nearly hunted to extinction at the hands of Keith T. Maxwell should Admiral Smith hadn't restrained him. Smith couldn't order their execution (ironic), so he arrested them and sent them to the Damarque I prison in the Augmenta system. However, they later escaped under the Terran Security's nose.

After escaping the Augmenta system, the Executioners proceeded to set up pirate outposts throughout the Nivelian sector and are currently subduing the Midorian faction in its grip of fear.

The Executioners quickly become the main adversaries of MACH after the kidnapping of Thomas Boyle.

Important PeopleEdit

  • The Executioner- Specializes in ruthless tactics and strategies
  • Amaror- Translator
  • Leon Koenig- Ambushes
  • Borsul Orquat- Communications and mechanic
  • Choker- Interrogation and brutality