The Vossk Empire is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Vossk.

Station DesignEdit

Vossk stations, like their ships, are mostly green and black and sleek in design. They usually look like giant mushrooms with a large "cap" on top and cone below it with four "legs" sticking out. There seem to be two levels on docking zones, larger one on top and smaller one on bottom. It appears to be the only faction with nonvarying stations.


Ships of Vossk manufacture tend to have stronger armor than most other ships, but at the cost of only average weaponry and decreased manuverability. Vossk ships tend to be more insectoid/crustacean in nature, mostly resembling their heads, and always have a green and black color scheme.

The Vossk are suspicious of other species, and thus restrict the sale of Vossk-manufactured weapons, ships, and equipment to other races. At first, the only Vossk ship pilotable by other species was their standard fighter, the H'Soc. When the Valkyrie add-on is purchased, the Vossk expanded their range of ships to include the heavy fighter, the K'Suukk; and the "Ultimate" ship, the S'Kanarr. The Supernova update added in the N'Tirrk, and is available to all players, regardless of any add-ons purchased. When players purchase the Supernova add-on, the Na'srrk is also available for purchase.


The Vossk Empire once fought a war with the Terran Federation known as the Terran-Vossk War. It is said that the war began with a Vossk clan killing and looting Terran ships. The Terran Space Fleet thought the entire Vossk race was hostile and waged war with the Vossk. Even today violent conflicts arise whenever Vossk fleets meet with Terran fleets. 


The Vossk, according to the official website, is highly patriarchal; males scramble for positions of political influence while females are left behind. It is known that the Vossk are organized into numerous clans, and each clan represents a separate Spawn Pool. However, all Vossk clans are collectively ruled by the Emperor, who has exclusive privileges over all Spawn Pools. As a Vossk rises in rank, they will gain increased influence over the Spawn Pools of their clan and of others. Despite such priveleges, most Emperors last only a few hours before being dissolved into royal jelly due to increased murders and conspiracies, especially when so much is at stake.

The Vossk are a highly militarized species. The Vossk see the military as one of the most respectable positions to take. Vossk warriors are fiercely loyal to the Emperor, and are willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause, even forming temporary alliances with the Nivelian Republic, who have tense relationships with them; and the Terran Federation, their main nemesis.


The Vossk Empire controls the following systems: