Wolf-Reiser has 1 planet, Thynome. It is the research station of the voids & sub capital of Deep Science.  Wolf-Riser is a secure system.  Wolf-Reiser is owned by the Terrans.Thynome is the lone gas giant in the Wolf-Reiser system. It has a secret Terran Research Station in the orbit.


  • Main research of the Voids' nature are developed at the Thynome station by the Deep Science project.
  • Keith T. Maxwell was heard referring to this station as "his second home".
  • In and around Thynome station, there are no fighters flying around, not even friendly Terran fighters. This may be due to the fact that Thynome itself is coded not to spawn any fighters. It could also be considered that the player is allowed to reach the station at a somewhat low level, and if reached a poor reputation with Terrans, the player could be killed en route to a story-important station.
  • Sometimes, but rarely, there are Void attacks on Thynome.
  • After the Supernova Add-on is installed, the Deep Science Systems Thynome and Kothar get their own unique soundtrack.
  • At the end of the base game Carla leaves Keith a note saying that the Deep Science Team has moved to another Secure location (Kothar).
  • Thynome is the best place to sell Organs other than Loma.
  • If you have poor reputation with the Terrans, when you try to dock, you will have to bribe the security officer even though the station is story dependent.
  • Sometimes, you spawn here in GOF2 Lite. You're supposed to spawn in Io Ombak.
  • There was once a mission in which a Space Lounge occupant asks you to have a wager mission to see who can kill more pirates. That is probably the only time you could see a pirate ship (other than your own) around Thynome.
  • This is the place for mining Blue plasma because there are no pirates.