Tech Level


EMP Damage






Loading Speed

500 ms


0 m


5000 m



Time to Lock

100 ms



"I'd love to pay you to get this off my hands, but my clan wants compensation for ever having invented this...object."
--Dnao Kkprodi on the Wy'pxhtej

The Wy'pxhtej is a mysterious object of massive controversy among the Vossk Empire. The details and capabilities are completely unknown to Keith and, consequently, the player until it is mounted on a ship.


"Wy'pxhtej" is a Vossk expletive whose meaning is near-undecipherable to the common tongue, but somehow enunciating its guttural sound causes older Vossk to laugh uncontrollably while the younger ones express varying degrees of hostility. As such, the introduction of this object to the markets has stirred much ruckus around the empire, but neither the Nivelians or the Terrans can figure out why or what it even does. Due to the nature of their politics, none of the emperors that have passed since its introduction can give their official opinion.


From the statistics alone, the Wy'pxhtej appears to be a very overpowered EMP weapon, capable of disabling an entire fleet of 21 ships. However, approaching 21 ships with a long-distance nuke and then cleaning them up with primary weapons fire is much more efficient.

An even more curious property of this object is the means of which the damage is delivered. Often times nothing appears on screen to indicate that it has been fired in the first place. The only indication is that all Vossk ships flee when it is being fired and when they are within one kilometre of Keith's ship.

This weapon can only be bought from a merchant by the name of Dnao Kkprodi, who wanders between every Vossk space station within the jumpgate network; the chances of encountering him in a Vossk station are two percent. He sells it for 200000$ and cannot be sold because of its controversial nature.